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The Friday Post #15: A Different Periodic Table, Happiest People, an Environmentally-Green Blog and Gunner Advisory

Information for new Med/Dent students: on occasional Fridays, I post a varied list of sites which, while of humorous or dubious value, don’t formally fit into “teaching and learning in medicine” and that is called The Friday Post.  And here’s the Friday Post for Aug 29 2008.

Have a great long weekend, folks!

  • Writer Hana R. Alberts researched the World’s Happiest Places for Forbes Magazine (Apr 23 2008 ), and found that those living in Scandinavian countries topped the list of most-happy people… and the United States didn’t make the Top 10 list.  A supplemental photo diary is also here: World’s Happiest Places (Forbes – Apr 23 2008 ).
  • In a paragraph explaining the purpose of The Global Tree blog, the author writes: “ As part of an interactive design project, each day for the next year a new leaf will be added to The Global Tree. Each new leaf will be a different shade of green. The colors will be sampled from selected photos that represent a unique part of the world…. As this project unfolds, I hope to promote environmental sustainability “.  A superb photographer, she is a world traveler.  Her work is a very calming site to visit.


  • And finally… Nobody in medical school likes a Gunner – and you don’t want to end up like this guy!

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