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News, Innovative Hospital Design, Patient-Centered Care: Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has gotten much press coverage over the past 7 days, due to the G-20 Summit held there on Sept 24-25 2009.   I’ve always been interested in the city because my father was born and raised there.  My oldest child moved there this summer to attend Carnegie Mellon University, and loves the place.

Like San Francisco, Pittsburgh is a city of neighborhoods and the scale of the hilly landscape lends itself to walking tours.

I recently read with interest an article (published Sept 8 2009 on Fastcompany.com) about an innovative health-care facility which opened recently in the Lawrenceville section.  Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, a 900,000 square feet, hi-tech ‘green’ building with 296-licensed beds, is a part of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center system.

It is an architectural gem.  Below is a rendering of the brilliantly-colored exterior:


Photo Image: UPMC – http://chpvirtualvisit.pipitonegroup.com/tour/v1/map.html – All rights reserved – Copyright 2009


If it is scary for a grown-up to face the prospect of having major surgery or fear a lengthy hospitalization, think how much more overwhelming it is for a seven-year old child?  One can see that the building interiors were designed with children in mind.  These images are taken from the slideshow on Fastcompany:


.Lobby – Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh



The Atrium



One of three Intensive Care Units


Photo credit for images above: http://www.fastcompany.com/multimedia/slideshows/content/childrens-hospital.html – All rights reserved – Copyright 2009


Next: a link to view digital renderings of various interior spaces in the building created by the architects (and looking very Second Life-like).

The Pittsburgh Business Times ran a feature article on the hospital – with many photographs – on May 1 2009 and you can read the article at this link.


Finally, a friendly shout-out! to BR and CB, two former PBL students, now pursuing medical residencies in Pittsburgh.

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